Quarter-Backs aren’t as good as Footballers

Isn’t obvious?

We all know Football is better than American Football, apart from those who love American Football of course. But we know it deep in out bones, that’s why it’s taken over the world. But technically, why? Here’s my attempt at explaining.


  1. Firstly you have to much better vision in Football because you’re both receiving and controlling the ball before you can get you head up to play the ball in Football, a Quarter back is in comfortable possession.
  2. Footballers pass, shoot and dribble essentially blind to their environment, once you’ve decided what you’re going to do with the ball, you have to get your head down and play, whether running up to the ball and striking it, passing the ball, or dribbling. Of course you regularly have to pick your head up to reassess your environment and understand how things have changed since the last time you put your head down, but these seem to be more glances. Most of the time when in possession, your head is down. Now obviously the better control you have of the ball you have the more you can get your head up. This is however in stark contrast to a Quarter-Backs who can keep their head up throughout their possession. Obviously if you could restrict their vision by 50% of any time period when they have possession, and also force them to close their eyes a full second before they pass the ball and until they’ve released it, the job would be harder.
  3. Footballers, especially central-midfielder need to have 360 degrees vision, as both their options to pass and opposition players trying to dispossess them are all around them. This again is very different to Quarter-Back, who are mainly forward looking, both as passing opportunities and DEFENDERS are in from of them.


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