Uncommitted Rishi Sunak and his US Green Card

Isn’t he terrible! Isn’t it outrageous! What a scoundrel!? The temerity to hold a Green Card that allows him to potentially work, live and / or retire in the US, all whilst being Chancellor!

Clearly he’s a hypocrite, telling us all to pay our taxes whilst all along planning on selling out on these beautiful warm isles with there all year-round temperate weather, and all for dreary old California? He must be insane in the membrane!

Holding a Green Card clearly shows he has no commitment to the UK. We’ve heard Labour and Libdem MP .

The only problem with Labour and Libdem MPs saying this is that they wanted every single citizen in this country to hold a pseudo-Green Card didn’t they? The equivalent of a Green Card that enabled every British citizen to live, work, study and / or retire abroad in 27 other countries, not just one. An EU-passport that gave citizens the freedom of movement. And now oh what, because Rishi wanted to hold on to his Green Card which gave him the opportunity to live, work or retire abroad demonstrates a lack of commitment to the UK?

Are Labour and the Lib Dems really saying that up to 16m British citizens that voted to remain in the European Union, who wanted to continue to hold the right to live, work and retire abroad, are unpatriotic, uncommitted and have a conflicts of interest? Weren’t these parties in favour of a freedom of movement of people? I sniff

The reality is it doesn’t show a lack of commit to the UK if you harbour any desire to want to study, live, work or retire abroad. Many Brits do live and retire in overseas, especially in France, Spain, Portugal, the Carribean and the US. Whether due to opportunity, weather, heritage or other.

It is completely fine to want to, and to do so.

You’re Welcome!

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