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  • You don’t even know what intelligence is! Dumbass!

    What is intelligence? Tell me! Define it.. As in write it out in actual real words before you continue with this post.. You can’t, can you! You dumbass! Alright, well it’s complicated, so listen up, you basic underlings 😉 What isn’t.. Firstly, IQ isn’t a measurement of intelligence, actually it’s almost non-important in measuring true […]

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  • Quarter-Backs aren’t as good as Footballers

    Isn’t obvious? We all know Football is better than American Football, apart from those who love American Football of course. But we know it deep in out bones, that’s why it’s taken over the world. But technically, why? Here’s my attempt at explaining. Vision Firstly you have to much better vision in Football because you’re […]

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  • Uncommitted Rishi Sunak and his US Green Card

    Isn’t he terrible! Isn’t it outrageous! What a scoundrel!? The temerity to hold a Green Card that allows him to potentially work, live and / or retire in the US, all whilst being Chancellor! Clearly he’s a hypocrite, telling us all to pay our taxes whilst all along planning on selling out on these beautiful […]

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